Men love when I call them sir, idk why.

Lol I didn’t know anyone else did that too

lol same here tho

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This gave me butterflies


This gave me butterflies

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Lil Boosie- They Dykin

Lil Boosie was on of the first rappers to stand up for the LBGTQ community. He even says, “And If Boosie was a preacher, I’d marry y’all” but Macklemore is the one y’all want to put on a pedestal.

Lil Boosie»»Macklemore

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04:55 Punto máximo de la luna.

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Ecstasy ~ Hayes Valley, San Francisco by artists Karen Cusolito and Dan Das Mann

Ecstasy, a 28-foot-tall figurative sculpture made from reclaimed steel, embodies the emotion of passion and the posture of exaltation it can inspire. She is illuminated at dusk by a warm light that emanates from her hands and softly glows upon her shoulders, neck and head that is thrown back in elation. Ecstasy was built in 2007 and first debuted on-stage at The Crucible’s Fire Opera, then at Burning Man, 2007. Since then she traveled widely: Maker Faire, 2008, and Nocturnal, 2009. Through 2011, Ecstasy was on exhibit in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, at Patricia’s Green. She is now part of a private collection.

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